Coding primarily in HTML5, CSS3, Python, PHP & JavaScript I have extensive web design experience and have carried out a lot of freelance work since 2005. I now primarily create WordPress websites but can work with an array of CMS’s or create stand alone websites in PHP or Python.

I’m involved in several solo projects listed below which I originally designed & configured myself from the ground up then over time integrated with WordPress.

My goal is to produce light, responsive designs that fully embrace the latest UI and UX processes. See some examples of my work below.

EMF Travel

Launched in November 2018 this website was created to promote food travel across the World. It uses the WordPress CMS with an array of plugins to help with SEO and create a fast page loading time, which further improves search engine rankings.

Redesigned in October 2018 to integrate with WordPress.

Pages designed to be SEO friendly. Content is also tailored for social sharing, like bespoke meta descriptions and images for Facebook.

Previous versions included a Met Office API that provided LIVE weather updates. The PHP Script that I developed searched XML for entries; this can be modified to produce content based on weather entries in later developments.

The MySQL voting system allows all users to vote on polls. Previous versions only allowed voters to vote while logged in, and my scripts used session variables and MySQL records to track who voted and display voter usernames.

Photo of

A website that displays LIVE news stories to help stock market investors. The news displayed is sourced through my PHP script which accesses BBC XML RSS feeds. Upgraded in Aug 2018 to include WordPress back-end; using a modified template.

This website was completely re-designed in Aug 2017 with the Bootstrap framework. It is now fully responsive and displays to match four screen ranges.

Allows users to log in after registration to access further content once their email address has been verified. Users can access the ‘recipe finder’ within this site, the PHP script displays random recipes via MySQL records. There is also full error management with LIVE and OFFLINE options. When in OFFLINE mode my PHP script emails any errors, making sure all are caught. Plus the site has a custom 404 page.

I re-designed the site during the COVID outbreak in Python and launched a brand new search engine that allows users to find recipes based on the ingredients they have access to in their kitchens.

Sneak peek of the new WordPress website currently in development.


I’ve build websites and e-commerce stores for some of the biggest companies in the World through permanent positions at various companies and but due to confidentiality, I can not bring up particular names here.

However, below are some examples of the commercial client projects I’ve created on a freelance basis. They were all created entirely by myself, on time and budget. I always set out a clear timescale and budget before any work is carried out.

Minority Focus

A website created for a charity that focused on minorities. Delivered on time and within budget, and in its current state as per the brief. Some page content was not supplied by the client and they were to edit it at a later date themselves.

Magnetic Tunes

Radio station website. Devised an automated radio station show list. My PHP displayed what shows were on based on the time of day, a nice feature that helped the station save time and money.

The House Sessions

Site created for a Radio Station. Used a CSS Slider to show the radio station show list on a repeating cycle, as per the client’s request, making it easy for listeners to see when their favourite shows were on.